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GreenAds Global – Bulk SMS API

Feature rich Bulk Sms API for integrations to websites,softwares,Ecommerce sites.Sms Api’s are useful for automating Otp,transaction confirmation etc.Easily integrate our secure sms api’s in a minute, sign up now and get free credits for trail.

Overview of Bulk Sms Api GreenAds Global

We have robust platform to make sure high TBS ( Transaction Per second ) for bulk sms Api.Real time report api’s are also available.

1. Single sms api

2. multiple sms api

3. Schedule sms api

4. Balance information api

5. Delivery report api

GreenAds Bulk SMS APi Sample Codes

PARAMETERS for Bulk Sms API HTTP Username : enter username.

Password: e enter password.

Mobile:enter destination mobile number sendername & enter approved senderID

Routetype: 0-promotional 1-transactional 2-promotional with sender id

HTTP API codes

Single Number:

http://sapteleservices.com/SMS_API/sendsms.php?username=demo&password=123 45&mobile=8590088828&sendername=UPDATE&message=test&routetype=0

Multiple Number:


45&mobile=8590088828,8590088828&sendername=UPDATE&message=test&rou tetype=0

Schedule sms:


45&mobile=8590088828&sendername=UPDATE&message=testING&routetype=0&datetime=2014-04-03 12:07:00 00:00:00

Balance info:

http://sapteleservices.com/SMS_API/balanceinfo.php?username=demo&password= 12345

Delivery Report:

http://sapteleservices.com/SMS_API/getreports.php?username=vfuser&password=1 2345&FromDate=2014-04-01 00:00:00&toDate=2014-04-03 23:59:59


For PHP,JAVA,C+ & More codes documents contact 8590088828

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